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Wall of Acclaim Nominations

Once again, the Bubbler Foundation is looking for nominations of worthy individuals in our community to honored on our 'Wall of Acclaim'. Eligible candidates will be nominated between October 1st and  December 20th each year.

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The word 'acclaim' means to announce or acknowledge with approval. The ‘Wall of Acclaim’ is to recognize those individuals who excel in their profession and have shown strong characteristics of outstanding service, support, dedication, personality and character in the category for which they are being nominated.

A Candidate for the ‘Wall of Acclaim’ must be sponsored by an individual who feels they are worthy of this recognition.  A sponsor may only submit one candidate in a calendar year.  Each year, no more than two individuals for each category will be selected from the candidates list by the Selection Committee of the Bubbler Foundation.  Their picture and write-up will be placed on the Wall for one year, then removed and their name placed on a Plaque to remain visible to the public.

There are three categories for submission to the ‘Wall of Acclaim’. Listed below are the necessary qualifications for each category.

Sponsor can only submit one candidate per year.


  1. Boiling Springs H.S. Graduate
  2. Does not need to presently reside in South Middleton Twp.
  3. Must have been out of High School for at least 15 years.
  4. Must have a sponsor.



EXAMPLES:  South Middleton School District Employees and   South Middleton Township Employees.

  1. Sets a superior example for students, where applicable.
  2. Employed by the South Middleton School District/  Township for at least a period of 15 years.
  3. Excels in their area of responsibility.
  4. Is respected and held in high esteem by their peers and subordinates.
  5. Must have a sponsor.

EXAMPLES: Serving on School or Township Boards; Scout Leaders; Church Work; Fire Company; Youth Sports, Charitable Organizations Clubs or Community Groups.

  1. Must have been a South Middleton Resident during their time of serving.
  2. Does not need to be a graduate of BSHS.
  3. Volunteer service will be considered on the basis of merit and superior service which shows a strong commitment to the goals of the community, organization, and township.
  4. Must have a sponsor.


  1. It will be the responsibility of the sponsor to gather all information required and complete the Nomination Form for the individual in the category they are being nominated.  Sponsor should check with candidate for approval before submitting their name.
  2. Any support material should be attached to the Nomination Form.  (IE – Copies of Awards received, Certificates of Merit, Etc.)
  3. Sponsor may only submit one candidate per year in one of the three categories listed.
  4. Sponsor must supply a recent (2-3 yrs.) 8x10 photo of the candidate should they be selected.
  5. Members of the Selection Committee cannot sponsor a candidate for the Wall of Acclaim.
  6. Candidates selected by the Selection Committee will be confirmed/approved at the April Meeting of the Bubbler Foundation Board.
  7. Nomination Form must be submitted to the Bubbler Foundation Office (Selection Committee), NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 20th OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE IS BEING NOMINATED.


Click here to download Adobe Acrobat version of the Nomination Form.