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2017 Bubbler Foundation Scholarship Winners

Michael Becker

Michael Becker

The Bubbler Foundation would like to congratulate Michael Becker, a winner of the 2017 Bubbler Foundation Scholarship.

Michael plans to study Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon University this fall. This field of work captivates him because it allows him to develop software solutions that can dramatically improve the lives of others.

He plans to use his scholarship to assist in purchasing the the technology necessary to learn new programming languages and Web technologies.

He plans to become a mobile or Web app developer/designer.

Christina Ward

Christina Ward

The Bubbler Foundation would like to congratulate Christina Ward, a winner of the 2017 Bubbler Foundation Scholarship. 

Christina will be attending Lebanon Valley College where she will be majoring in biology and continuing her love for field hockey.

While at BSHS she was involved in our mini-THON to raise money for cancer research. Christina was also part of the Holy Spirit Hospital Internship Program where she spent her mornings at Holy Spirit Hospital. Participating in this program gave her a different outlook on the medical field and further opened her horizons to the variety of medical careers to pursue.

Christina has always had a passion towards helping others, and intends to continue that in the future. She also hopes to continue participating in various community service activities as she furthers her education.

The Bubbler Foundation wishes each of you the best in your future endeavors and pursuit of your dreams.