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2016 Bubbler Foundation Scholarship Winners

Cameron Danesh-Pajou

2016scholarshipwinner cameron danesh pajou

The Bubbler Foundation would like to congratulate Cameron Danesh-Pajou, a winner of the 2016 Bubbler Foundation Scholarship.

He was an active member of the school's marching band, concert band, and the jazz band. Cameron served as the Vice President of the Student Council, President of the Chemistry Club, and President of the National Honor Society.

His future plans include pursuing higher education in the field of chemical engineering and research in the health and medical fields in order to improve the lives of others.

Cameron will be attending Columbia University in the fall, majoring in chemical engineering.

Abby Knouse

2016scholarshipwinner abby knouse

The Bubbler Foundation would like to congratulate Abby Knouse, a winner of the 2016 Bubbler Foundation Scholarship. 

Abby is planning to attend Penn State University in the fall where she will major in Pre Medicine. She has also chosen to minor in Spanish. As part of her Penn State experience she would like to study abroad at some point.

After college and before enrolling in medical school Abby plans to join the Peace Corp and is open to volunteering wherever she is needed.

When she returns to medical school Abby plans to enroll in the Penn State Milton Hershey Medical School where she will pursue a career as a surgeon focusing on the field of neurosurgery.

The Bubbler Foundation wishes each of you the best in your future endeavors and pursuit of your dreams.